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Salt of the Earth is a family-owned and operated business. When you walk through our doors, you are treated like a family member. We strongly believe in the importance of a natural, holistic approach to health and wellness. Salt of the Earth is an integrated, comprehensive healing experience. Himalayan Salt Cave 1 hour · Price Varies Our Larger Salt CAVE Experience includes Halotherapy Salt Infusion (50 minutes) while you allow yourself to relax completely in our Zero-Gravity Chairs. Complete Himalayan Salt Cave Experience lasts approximately 60 minutes, in total. (Seats 10) Runs on the hour. *Check out our promo packages & our "Party in the Cave" packages* Himalayan Salt Room 1 hour · Price Varies Our Semi-Private Salt ROOM Experience includes Halotherapy Salt Infusion (50 minutes) while you allow yourself to relax in our Heated Contour Massage Chairs. Complete Salt Room Experience lasts approximately 60 minutes, in total. (Seats 4) Runs on the quarter hour. *Check out our promo packages* Please Dress Comfortably. You may enjoy the Room with your bare feet, or you may wear white socks. Infrared Sauna 30 minutes · $40 or 45 min $55 Our Infrared Sauna may be used individually, or can fit up to 2 people, if desired. With the oxygen/salt infusion, you maximize the therapeutic benefits you receive Boost Immunity, detoxify, increase circulation, reduce stress & fatigue, improve skin conditions & heart health. Please allow at least 2 hours after a Sauna session before showering. Please dress comfortably. We offer the use of our robes for your convenience and comfort. Heated Himalayan Salt Bed 30 minutes · $30 Enjoy this first-of-its-kind Heated Himalayan Salt Bed. One, 30 minute session is equivalent to the therapeutic effects of a 2 hour massage. Heated salt crystals provide a micro massage. Light therapy targets different parts of the body and added aromatherapy helps you achieve a state of inner peace. Helping reduce inflammation, decrease muscle tightness, and diminish stress, the Heated Himalayan Salt Bed will bring you a sense of calm throughout the rest of your day. Zero Gravity Bed 30 minutes · $40 This is a dry float bed system so you do not get wet. You feel weightless and The Zero-Gravity Float Bed is a sensory deprivation float tank that removes the one undesirable effect that the other types of float tanks have: getting wet. This completely dry anti-gravity experience allows your body and mind the same relaxation and radiance as the one that relies on submersion, but without the hassle, mess, and knowledge that you are climbing into gallons and gallons of salt water.

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Monday - Friday 10:00 am - 8:00 pm (Final booking at 7:00 pm) Saturday - Sunday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm (Final booking at 4:00 pm) ​ We encourage you to schedule online to avoid any scheduling conflicts. Walk-ins are welcome, but are **subject to availability**


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Lake Villa, IL
Very nice owner & staff

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February 2021

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